Bridge between real project investment and technology

The combination of the two worlds—real project investment and blockchain—will provide benefits for both sides: Silkroad Eight boosts investment in real projects and at the same time offers real value to the tokens issued in the blockchain platform.

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Silkroad Eight Token (SET)

Silkroad Eight has launched the Silkroad Eight Token (SET) to connect the cryptocurrency world to the real sectors. The SET is programmed and executed in a smart contract environment to bring transferred value along with commercial activities to the Silkroad Eight blockchain.

Silkroad Eight will support, sponsor and motivate the incredible businesses from every business partner to join together to create and change the world by utilising technological advances integrated in various industries. The following describes the ecosystem and benefits of SETs.

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  • Silkroad Eight Crypto Trading Management
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How Silkroad Eight Works

Silkroad Eight has been developed to act as a bridge between the real sector and cryptocurrency technology and provides base value for the cryptocurrency. SETs combine maturity of concept with sophisticated technologies.

The process is divided into stages, explained further below.

  • Project Initialisation
  • Investors decide to invest
  • The projects are funded via SETs
  • The projects run
  • Evaluate the performance of the projects by Auditors
  • The projects return the investment funds along with the interest in SETs
  • Investors receive the invested fund and the interest in SETs
Our Token Economy

It will be created based on real projects

As every investment in the projects will be effected through SETs, supply will be created when the projects cash out (sell) the acquired SETs to the market to obtain fiat money to run the projects

The demand for SETs will be created by the projects when they return the investment fund in SETs, along with interest. Successful projects will make demand for SETs higher than supply.


Silkroad Eight Roadmap

Meet Our Member Team

Silkroad Eight Team

Token Sale

Initial Token Offering

Start : September, 2018
Max. Token Supply : 888,000,000 SET
Decimal : 18
Token : SET
ITO Sales :
  • Pre ITO   = 159,840,000 SET
  • ITO          =  159,840,000 SET
  • Post ITO =    53,280,000 SET
Project protocol : ERC20

Financial Distribution

  • 15% Tech. Development

  • 15% Bussiness Dev

  • 50% Investment

  • 5% Legal

  • 10% Daily Operation

The SET value for each distribution

Timeline & Structure

When can you buy SET

  • 60% Public Through ITO

  • 20% Company Reserve

  • 10% Project Team

  • 4% Advisors

  • 6% Referal Program